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recognizing yourself

Leading yourself and others means taking charge of your own development and goals while helping those around you do the same.

In order to lead, you have to have self-awareness of how you are presenting yourself to the outside world. It is entirely possible, and all too common, to assume that we are doing the right thing and what needs to be done, when in all actuality, we are hurting ourselves or those around us. Perhaps, as a parent, a boss, or a leader, you are unintentionally causing pain.

When we work on our leadership skills, and we dedicate our efforts with a desire for improvement, we see a multitude of changes. You will be able to hold conversations using healthy communication skills. You will experience renewed relationships and take part in new avenues in life. When we aren’t ‘spring-loaded’ into emotional responses, when we break out of that norm, we are able to approach life and others in it with compassion, understanding, and a logical frame of mind.

You will find that teams, companies, and organizations of which you are a part will develop a sense of accomplishment as well as a sense of trust not only in you, but also in themselves as a group.

By knowing ourselves, we are better able to know others. By leading ourselves, we are also better able to lead those around us who look to us for guidance.

Recognizing others means seeing the value in the people who surround you on a daily basis. By noticing the humanity that others possess simply by virtue of existing, you will learn to show compassion and understanding in ways that you might not have been capable of doing in the past.

One definite change that you will see is that, when you start treating others with compassion and recognizing them, they will do the same for you. You will perceive the complexities and intricacies of individual personalities and backgrounds, and this understanding will propel you toward a deeper interpersonal understanding.

Recognizing others will benefit you directly when they start to see you as a reliable, caring individual to whom they can come for advice and companionship. You will see improvements in your work relationships as well as your personal interactions in your day to day life. People will be happier to see you, and even your most basic conversations will become more positive. Human beings are attuned deeply to body language. When you radiate acceptance and recognition, you will attract these qualities in return.

Communication means take other’s views into account, considering them, and forming a mentality that is open toward the needs of others. Find out what your employees need and become concerned with how they are treated, what their goals are, and what challenges they face.

By making these principles a part of your life, you will see a marked improvement in the way your employees, as well as those around you in your personal life, approach you. You will find that they are more willing to come to you looking for solutions or even camaraderie. Your work relationships will improve, and you will see additional improvements in your own work as well as in the work of your employees.

You will see the benefits of such interactions in your own life as well. By not being so inward-minded, you will find that you become less angry over minor inconveniences. You will be closer to the people around you who respond positively to this change. Furthermore, you will be happier in your own life.

Old behaviors cannot support new goals

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