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You’re Greater Than You Think

There’s a common saying that says: “You are greater than you think, and people fear the day you find out!” The single most important factor that divides those who are happy, enlightened, and successful from those who are inhibited and held back from is the belief in oneself.

If you’re like me and most others, your self-esteem has been slowly whittled away over the course of your life, one stinging comment and one deflating experience at a time. How are you to truly believe that you are a force to be reckoned with when you have experienced failure and disappointment in the past?

The truth is, belief in yourself must be built up the same way it was taken away, one baby step at a time. So, what are these baby steps?


Self-affirmations are self-loving truths that you speak either silently or out loud to counter the negativity and build a belief system in your own value as a human being. You can speak any affirmation that you choose, but some meaningful and powerful ones that can impact your ability to grow and advance in your career include:

  • I deserve the job I want.
  • I am highly valued at work.
  • I can ask for a raise.
  • I exude energy and confidence.
  • I empower those around me.
  • I can start a new career today.
  • I contribute significantly.

Take advantage of each moment of silence you experience – a delayed teleconference or a long wait in traffic – to feed yourself positive affirmations and fill the corners of your mind with belief in yourself, your potential, and your worthiness for success and good things.


While my clients often squirm in their seats when I talk about forgiveness in a professional setting, the power that comes with forgiving those who have whittled away at your sense of value and self-worth is remarkable and unimaginable. The only way – and I urge you to trust me for a moment – to move beyond the disappointments, the hurt, the doubt, and the insecurities of your past is to move beyond the resentment that you’re still hanging onto.

I recognize how hard it can be, but if you don’t take this path, no career will provide you with the empowerment you need to be happy. Feedback will feel like criticism; direction will feel like micromanagement; and even compliments will feel insincere. It is quite possible and even common to sabotage future opportunities while hanging among the skeletons of the past.

How do you go about forgiving those who have made it hard to love yourself? It’s hard, but you can do it. I believe it, and you will too if only you start speaking those very words: “I can do it.”

Sometimes it simply means choosing to move forward. Sometimes it means making a sincere effort to put yourself in their shoes. Why might they have said what they said or did what they did? Was it because they were under pressure from a superior? Because they lacked the experience or knowledge to understand the impact of their actions? Because they were experiencing personal suffering and unhappiness that was projected onto you? Because they, too, were insecure and felt threatened by your greatness? Because they’re human?

It might help to think about something you’ve done, consciously or otherwise, that hurt or could have hurt someone else. Can you forgive yourself for your mistake? Is it okay to make mistakes? And if so, what’s holding you back from forgiving others and hanging onto negative feelings?

Today I challenge you to identify one situation that has impacted your self-worth and take the very first step in moving forward to claim the life that’s yours. Why? Because you’re greater than you think!

The single most important factor that divides those who are successful from those who are not is belief in oneself. How do you get it?

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