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What is a life coach?

2018-12-16T12:29:49-04:00 By |Blog, Hiring a Life Coach|

Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘life coach’ thrown around in discussions about self-improvement. But what does a life coach do exactly? These professionals work with their clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and make changes in their lives. They help people with their day-to-day struggles and give them guidance to define their personal [...]

Jack will be live tonight on the radio, 92.5 The Bear

2013-10-29T15:21:53-04:00 By |Blog, Executive Key Note Speaker, Hiring a Life Coach, Professional Development Key Note Speaker|

Hello everyone, please join me this coming Monday the 14th of October live on 92.5 The Bear radio from 8:30PM-9:30PM Eastern at  http://www.925fmthebear.com we will be on live streaming and discussing the Life Legacy message for men.  Please follow on twitter #jackandthebear  Please visit my site at www.sourcepointcoaching.com

On a Mission to Write a Legacy

2017-03-28T20:34:55-04:00 By |Blog, Hiring a Life Coach, How to Leave a Life Legacy, Life Workshops for Men, Slider|

A Mission statement is a definition of your core purpose. It defines who you are and what you stand for. Why do you exist? What’s your purpose in life? It rarely changes over time; it is what drives you. Organizations have mission statements. Why not you? Individuals and families and relationships should also have mission [...]

A Leadership Challenge for Graduates

2017-03-28T20:34:56-04:00 By |Blog, Executive Development Cruise Speaker, Executive Key Note Speaker, Hiring a Life Coach, Slider|

You did it! Congratulations! You worked hard, persevered, stayed in the game, and, now, finally, the time has come for your reward: graduation. Navigating the road ahead can be daunting. You are called to leave the structure you have known for many long years. Now, many decisions lie ahead; many uncertainties ahead. Your future may [...]

Honor Yourself in Love

2017-03-28T20:34:56-04:00 By |Blog, Hiring a Life Coach, Life Workshops for Men, Professional Development Key Note Speaker|

Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day. Or is it? Not too many. Alone, hurt, wounded, confused, afraid, unsure, despondent, and complacent. Many feelings convolute our thinking and surround us on this day. Honored by many, dreaded by most. February 14th. It’s just another day. Or is it? It’s a reminder of all the past hurts we [...]

What Legacy Are You Leaving?

2017-03-28T20:34:56-04:00 By |Blog, Hiring a Life Coach, How to Leave a Life Legacy, Life Workshops for Men, Slider|

It’s a new year for many. A time for new beginnings. Not a new you-you’re the same you, just a new perspective. A good time to make better choices and determine to live your life the way you know you were meant to live it. The New Year is a good time to reflect. Are [...]

‘Tis The Season

2017-03-28T20:34:57-04:00 By |Blog, Hiring a Life Coach, Slider|

It happens every year this same time. The holidays. They show up, seemingly to surprise us all. It’s no surprise. They occur every 365 days, like clock work. And, with them holiday traditions, expectations, visits to families, anticipation, sometimes joys, sometimes disappointments. For many reasons, some embrace the season and wind up their jovial spirit [...]

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