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Results coaching and what it can do for you

results coachingOn a typical day, results coaching might not be at the top of our mind. It’s easy to convince ourselves that where we are in life is where we want to be. In reality, that’s hardly ever the case. As human beings, we strive to evolve ourselves, constantly improve on who and what we are. We know that we have great potential stored somewhere inside of us, just waiting to find its way out. Each and every one of us has the ability to become something great. However, it’s also human nature to find comfort in the familiar. When we don’t know what’s out there, we feel afraid and seek out what we know.

When things in our lives are going at a comfortable, habitual pace, it’s common to think that it’s time to relax. We convince ourselves that we’re happy where we are, that we don’t need to push ourselves to be any better than what we’ve already achieved in life. When we find ourselves in such a mental state, going with the flow can be tempting.

However, we must admit to ourselves that getting stuck in that same old rut can prove detrimental to our bodies and our minds. This is where we get trapped beneath limiting beliefs, where we are too afraid to move away from what we know. It’s here that habits – most of the time bad habits – form. “But it works,” we tell ourselves. “I got here by doing x, y, and z.” While that may be true, what you’re doing can keep you stuck, preventing you from pushing past where you are in life. To become the best you that you can possibly be, you must confront these thoughts and move past them.

What is results coaching?

Even when our daily habits seem innocuous, the proper coach can bring to light the ways in which we aren’t achieving all that we can be. This particular type of coaching, called results coaching, encourages us to reach our highest potential through willpower and motivation. It can be hard to admit to ourselves when we need help, but even the best of us can benefit from having a coach to guide us through different stages in our lives.

And that’s exactly what a coach does. They guide. Any effort on the part of the coach isn’t going to work unless the coachee is a willing participant in every step of the journey. This is because coaching is a team effort between the coach and the client.  When a client hires a coach, it’s because they need help getting out of old habits and excelling past their limiting beliefs. When a coach takes on a client, it’s because they see the wealth of potential lying just beneath the surface. Neither part can work, let alone succeed, without the engagement of the other.

The coaching relationship in results coaching

The focus then turns to one of cooperation and collaboration. No coaching relationship can be even remotely beneficial without first forming a united front in overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of the coachee. What one seemed like insurmountable monsters standing in the way become much more manageable when the client has their coach standing beside them. With this bond forged, it is time to make a game plan.

How results coaching works

At this point, the coach and the coachee come together to define specific goals. What does the client wish to achieve through their coaching? Where do they want to be after a certain period of time? Together, they will create a detailed road map on how to achieve these goals. Such a map focuses not only on the finish line but on milestones along the way. The coachee is given ways to achieve their goals in smaller steps that are easier to handle, showing them the progress that they’ve made each step of the way as their future comes closer and closer into view.

By discovering and agreeing upon levels of accountability, the coachee is given a clear, meaningful guideline by which to pursue their goals and unlock their highest potential. The focus throughout this process is the end result. At the end of this road map is what your world will look like when you get to the end, life beyond the finish line agreed upon by the coach and the client.

It is important to note that coaching is not the same as therapy. While it may seem similar in the formation of long-term goals and the pursuit of those goals, therapy goes much further into depth when it comes to the client’s personal life. Those looking to employ a coach should not expect the same experience that one would get with a licensed therapist. This isn’t to say that someone can’t employ both coaching and therapy in their personal growth plan. However, those who choose to do so would need a separate therapist from whatever coaching experience they choose to seek out.

As a certified coach sanctioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I do not delve too far into the past of a client. The only time that I will do this is if such measures will be beneficial to the current work and goals the client wishes to achieve. Our focus is the present and the future, not the past. When we look at the road map we create together, our goal is where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

Do you really need a coach?

You might be asking yourself: why do I need a coach? You might be happy where you are, or you might think that you can do it on your own. The answer is simple. Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter if you’re a basketball player looking to improve their game, a young adult who wants to excel at the violin, a dad wants a better relationship with his kids, an executive that wants to become a better more engaging leader, a man who has trouble with being vulnerable, or any number of possible scenarios. Anyone looking to improve a talent, develop one, or to learn how to get past old behaviors and habits that hold us back from success, all of us can use a coach in our lives to help us attain what we want out of life.

If you’re someone who has an inability to see success both in your present and in your future, or if you struggle to have a plan for life, hiring a coach could be the right move for you. By reading this blog, you’ve already shown interest in taking that first step out of the rut you’ve found yourself in. Go a step further. Contact a coach, discuss with them where you are and where you want to be in live. Find someone who can help you make a plan, someone who can help hold you accountable for getting where you want to be.

First and foremost, believe in yourself. Understand that you do have the potential to live out your dreams. Dig yourself out from underneath your limiting beliefs. You are good enough. You do have it in you. You’re not too old or too young to do what you want to do.

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