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New office rule: No jerks allowed

2019-07-31T07:53:34-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

If you want to build your team and make them successful, you must implement this new office rule: no jerks allowed. Many jerks in the workplace get away with their behavior when they are high-performers on the team. Their performance gives them the ability to take advantage of their managers and their peers and it [...]

How to create a personal development plan

2019-07-21T14:20:00-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

Without a plan, your growth will be small, unfocused and possibly not even existent. There’s no secret that having a plan greatly increases your chances of success. When it comes to your personal development, it’s so different.  For people who are striving to better themselves, but it seems nothing is getting them there, this could [...]

Podcast: How team building helps performance in the office

2019-07-17T08:01:11-04:00 By |Podcast|

Team building is something many people get frustrated with. It can be tough when it requires the most people skills. While people skills might not be something everyone has, bringing people together can actually be easier than you think when you are given the proper tools. A team that works together can accomplish so much [...]

Podcast: What every manager should know about workplace ethics

2019-06-10T11:44:13-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

Workplace ethics is something I get many questions about. It is something no one can escape and makes a huge difference in the functionality of your team, as well as your professional relationships. Without knowing the proper ethics to live by in the workplace, you can hurt your relationships and make some major mistakes. In [...]

Podcast: What leaders need to know when coaching employees

2019-06-28T07:09:06-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

One thing that managers can really get wrong when leading a team is coaching employees. Giving an employee the tools to improve and become better takes special skills from a good manager. There is a way to do things to get amazing results and ways that can backfire and bring a lot of issues and [...]

Podcast: Goals to Achieve in the workplace

2019-06-10T11:39:43-04:00 By |Podcast|

It's important to know the effectiveness of creating goals. Typically we will see how much more effective our work is when we are continuously creating goals for ourselves, but we must also extend this into the workplace. But where do we start? How do we determine which goals we need to put together to be successful?In [...]

Podcast: What personal growth means for leaders

2019-06-15T08:00:01-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

In my career, I have learned how leaders focus so much on tactics for good leadership and skills to inspire and motivate people. The focus is often on the team and the growth of their employees and less about themselves and their own development. The first step to being a good leader is to focus [...]

Podcast: What coaching is and what it is not

2019-06-15T08:00:10-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

The world has changed the concept of coaching. With social media and the ability to reach anyone with their coaching services, no matter their experience or knowledge level, the idea of what coaching is and what you should expect has changed a lot. People no longer understand coaching and what it should offer, which has [...]

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