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How team building helps performance in the office

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Team building seminars have become quite popular within corporations looking to improve workplace performance among their employees. But why is this the case? What is it about these seminars that allow employees to feel like their voices are being heard, and how is it that a single day can change the overall performance of a corporation? The answer lies in everything that your employees will discover about one another, as well as about themselves, in the unique environment created by team building exercises. Let’s talk about some of the key reasons why such seminars are so invaluable in the workplace. 

Team building allows your employees to get to know each other

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, your employees will be provided with an opportunity to talk with one another and get to know each other. By providing a team building environment for your employees, whether through an exercise or a seminar, you will provide them with an opportunity to network and socialize with one another. Employees who have never spoken might be required to work together on some fun, collaborative task. You could have someone from upper management trying to keep a literal ball in the air with the help of someone from shipping, should the team building exercise require such an activity. No matter the actual exercise, the objective is that it be fun, collaborative, and foster communication between employees who might never speak to one another. 

Team building forms bonds between your employees

Outside of such an environment, the bonds formed in a team building seminar can extend far and wide in the workplace. Perhaps, Joe from accounting now knows exactly who to call if his computer is acting up. Susan from upper management might create an open-door policy and invite her employees to take advantage of it, all because Devon mentioned how difficult it can be to get ahold of her. Creating bonds among employees can promote a system of networking that might not have existed previously within the company. Even the simple act of learning a co-worker’s name can create a more positive working environment and transform the culture of the workplace within your corporation. 

Team building helps promote innovation and creativity

Furthermore, team building exercises help to promote innovation and creativity among coworkers. Fun, unique tasks assigned to each group during a team building seminar can provide an outlet in which each individual can have their voice heard in a low-pressure environment. Each member of the team is capable of coming away with the feeling that they were able to use their own unique perspective to help solve whatever problem is placed in front of them. The delegation of tasks necessary to team building exercises provides each member of the team with an outlet in which they can voice their opinions and ideas without fear of failure. The pressure-free capacity in which the employees can openly discuss with one another helps to build confidence in oneself, which does not limit itself to the team building exercise alone. 

This confidence can transfer to the workplace. Whether it is a large contract or a simple problem in the office, members who participated in the team building exercise will have the confidence to speak their minds and to promote a Socratic discussion in which every point of view is heard. By creating a workplace in which each and every employee has the chance to throw their ideas into the ring, you will find that innovation happens naturally through the creativity of individuals. Such a think-tank can prove deeply invaluable to a corporation which finds itself stuck in a rut or in the same bad habits. Hearing ideas from different individuals can be just what the corporation needs to break free of these restrictions. 

Team building produces team spirit

These exercises are also capable of producing an increase in team spirit among your employees. By allowing your employees to compete in a friendly environment, they will naturally fall into mindset in which their team becomes their allies, even if the employees might not get along well with one another 

on a daily basis. The motivation to do better than the other teams, certainly when fostered by a little friendly competition, is contagious in seminars such as these. The lessons learned when working together toward a common goal are not at all exclusive to the team building environment, either. 

Team building creates motivation

Coming back to the workplace after a team building seminar, the motivation and sense of team spirit fostered in these group exercises can easily be applied in a corporate setting. The ‘us’ mentality created by forming a team will allow employees to think as a unit rather than as a group of individuals toward a common goal. The silly, fun end goal of the team building exercise can quickly transform into a sales goal, a technical presentation, or whatever the group might choose as their objective. The important aspect is certainly the way in which the group will approach their goal as a unified front. 

Team building gives an understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses

Team building can also help employees better understand the strengths, weaknesses, and interests of their coworkers. Such information can prove vital in the workplace to performance as a group and as individuals on certain tasks. Not only will coworkers understand these things about one another after a group exercise, it is entirely possible that the employee does not know their own strengths or weaknesses. A team building exercise or seminar can provide them with the clarity that they need to understand their limitations and where it is that they excel. While the exercises in which an employee might participate during a team building seminar might seem trivial, they can be indicative of performance in the workplace. 

An employee who has a hard time delegating tasks during a team building exercise will, most likely, experience the same difficulties when trying to delegate tasks in the workplace. Conversely, one who excels at this task will probably show excellence in task delegation when the need arises within the corporation. A better understanding of other employees as well as of oneself is invaluable to workplace productivity. A team can see where it is that they fall short and work to fill in those gaps by building one another up, correcting bad habits, and finding other ways in which they can support one another to achieve their common goal. 

Team building allows your employees to work better together

Team building seminars and exercises can and will allow your employees to work better together. They create an ‘us’ mentality that transfers out of the seminar and into the workplace, increasing productivity and fostering an environment in which individuals feel as though they are a part of something bigger. By allowing employees a chance to network, to learn about one another, and to figure out how to work together, such exercises can drastically improve workplace performance.

Team building help

If you think team building is right for your team, put together a plan to start team building right away. Team building can be easier said than done. Sometimes you need guidance to put together your plan and begin your team building strategies. That’s where SourcePoint Coaching can come in. Consultations are free. Contact us to see if working together is right for your team.

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