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Goals to achieve in the office

goals to achieve

It is never good to remain stagnant, especially in the workplace. We can avoid such a fate by creating goals for ourselves to achieve in the office. It is most useful when these goals are set for our own personal development. Improving yourself will inspire those around you to improve, creating a forward-thinking and forward-motivated workplace. Below are several examples of goals that you can strive to achieve in the office. Of course, not all of these goals will apply to you. Consider them a springboard for creating your own goals. The process of moving forward has already begun.

Start getting feedback

One goal to start out with would be to gain upward feedback about what you can improve on in the workplace. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor and ask them to be honest about what it is in your work performance that could use some improvement. Don’t get downtrodden because of what they say; remember, you’re here to improve! Keep a positive attitude and take notes about what they suggest. This will help you get a better perspective on what areas you should be focusing on when it comes to your personal development goals.

Make productivity a part of your goals to achieve

Another goal that one should strive to achieve is to be more productive at work. Turn off social media, restrict checking your emails to a certain amount of time, and learn how to focus better in the workplace. If you find your mind wandering off, try to stand up and get your blood flowing again with a short, purposeful walk, even if it is just within the confines of your office. You are most certainly not alone if this is a goal that you need to set for yourself! By bring productive, you will find that you have much more time in which to complete your tasks.

However, this extra time means nothing if you don’t know how to manage it. Set a goal for yourself to learn how to manage your time better. You could do this through the use of to-do lists. If you already have such a list, learn how to prioritize it based on the urgency of the tasks listed. If you tend to avoid larger, more difficult tasks, try breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. With a system of organization ruling your daily tasks, you will be more productive than ever before, and you’ll feel good about checking off each item.

Work on your public speaking skills

Try to develop your speaking skills, both presentational and interpersonal. How you speak carries a lot of weight both in and out of the meeting room. Take some time to look at yourself in a mirror, perhaps at home where you feel the most comfortable, and practice a speech. How do you carry yourself? What’s your posture like? Do you stutter? Find these areas for improvement and focus on remedying them. Like most other goals, this will take time, but it is a worthwhile endeavor. You’ll discover a sense of confidence in yourself that you never knew you had.

Gain a better perspective of your team and their goals to achieve

One goal that you might wish to consider is to gain an in-depth perspective on your team and employees. What are their own goals? Do you know what drives them? Or what they find rewarding? By better understanding your team and those you work with, you will develop a sense of camaraderie with them. Furthermore, you will learn how to best engage with those around you. A worthwhile goal, this could be achieved through simple conversations or through ice breaker exercises that you might choose to employ to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Learn to give effective feedback

Concerning your employees, you may wish to set a goal to learn how to give effective feedback to those that you oversee. Effective feedback is that in which you help your employees improve without leaving them as though they are feeling attacked. You might decide to pick up a book on this subject, do some research on the internet, or even take a class or a seminar on the matter. When employees are given effective feedback, they will respond much more positively to what it is that you have to say. Create an environment in which the employee does not feel attacked, and in which you offer constructive criticism in an appropriate manner, and you will see a drastic improvement in the workplace.

Get better at your current software

You may wish to improve your skills with your current software. There are classes that you can take, especially if the software that you use is common. It doesn’t have to be proprietary for you to learn how to best use it, either. If you use PowerPoint for presentations, consider taking a class or watching some online tutorials to make your presentations even more engaging with your audience. Of course, if your company uses proprietary software, you may have more difficulty finding tutorials on how to better use it. If this is the case, don’t be ashamed to ask others for help. Approach someone with more experience in the software and ask them to teach you some new tricks or to show you how to use a feature you’ve never experimented with. You will probably learn something.

Create a plan for where you want to be in your career

A final goal that you can work on achieving is creating a plan to get where you want to be in your career. Take some time and think about what it really is that you want to do in life. Is what you’re doing right now, in every aspect of your life, feeding that end goal? This may be a difficult process, but figuring out what it is that you truly want will help you re-center your efforts. Find out what that end goal looks like for you. Then, discover what steps you need to take to achieve that end goal. Create a roadmap to follow in which you hold yourself accountable for each and every little step that it will take to get where you want to go. It’s okay if you’re not able to take this particular goal on just yet. It’s a large one, but it’s one that will help you change your life for the better.

No matter if you pick a goal from this list, or if you use them as a springboard to create your own, unique workplace goals, the act of having and actively pursuing such goals is one of self-improvement both personally and in the workplace. Be proud of yourself for what you accomplish as you move forward, and never stop setting goals for yourself. Make sure that you never stagnate or get comfortable with where you are. Keep moving, keep improving yourself in any possible way. You’ll find that life is much more rewarding when you do.

Get help if you need it

If you need help with your goals to achieve, don’t hesitate to invest in some temporary coaching to gain the tools you need to get where you want to be. SourcePoint Coaching offers one-on-one professional coaching to help leaders get where they want to be in their lives and careers. Consultations are free, don’t hesitate to schedule one!

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