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Podcast: How team building helps performance in the office

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Team building is something many people get frustrated with. It can be tough when it requires the most people skills. While people skills might not be something everyone has, bringing people together can actually be easier than you think when you are given the proper tools.

A team that works together can accomplish so much more than a team that is separated and working against each other. That might not be news to you, but seeing how significant the difference is for yourself can be really eye-opening.

In this episode, I go over the simple steps to bringing your team together and why it’s so important for the success of your team. Join me in this discussion and apply these tips to your organization and see how impactful the results are.

How team building helps performance in the office transcript

Jack Perry: 00:00 Well. Hello everybody. This is Jack Perry from SourcePoint Coaching. Welcome to the podcast today. Our topic for today is going to be on the team building exercises for building great teams and organizations. Um, first of all, I want to just give you a disclaimer and to put your mind at ease that, listen, some people just don’t like team building. Some people get a little bit frustrated and have a lot of anxiety when it comes to team building. Well, let me ask, let me just ask you a couple of questions. How well does your team know each other? How well does your team know how to get along? What do you know about each other to understand each other’s needs, goals, challenges, and objectives, and to make the mission work to make the goal work, to make the, the, um, end goal for the whole team a success?

Jack Perry: 00:51 Well, the, one of the best ways of doing that is having a team building exercises. Now well let me just hit the pause button real quick. That doesn’t mean you’re going to go out and you’re gonna, uh, expose yourself to the world of all your kinks. And all your, your, um, foibles and all your things that you may be feel guilty or ashamed about or embarrass yourself by trying to do something that you’re not qualified to do or trained to do or even have the talent to do. No team building can be something as simple as, uh, sharing a, an objective and contributing to a common goal with a team or a group in a, in a corporate or in a private setting. So it doesn’t have to be something as grandiose and as crazy and fun as I like to say. Cause I, I enjoy doing this.

Jack Perry: 01:41 Things like a tug of war or a rope climb or race or a structure building or anything like that. It could be something as simple as, um, tossing a ball. Um, I have a couple of tools that I use in my corporate structure that a corporate team building that I have topics, fun topics, like things you’d like to do on a, on a day off. Uh, what movies would you like to see? Uh, what is your favorite song? What is your most embarrassing moment of your life? If you want to share that and this is a ball and you get to toss the ball around the room and people get to to share. It could be something as simple as that. A team building can also be as something, um, such as what is it that the team struggles with, worse with the most, excuse me.

Jack Perry: 02:29 What is it that your team and organization struggles with the most and accomplishing your overall goal? What is it that the team struggles with and getting sales? What is it your team struggled with when you have sales and operations that may not get along very well or they may not see things from eye to eye. So a good facilitator, a good coach being brought in can help a team build competence, loyalty and trust within each other by putting up something as simple as a poster board on a wall and say your sales are slumping and say you’re having trouble with operations or say you’re going to a meeting or something coming up that’s going to cause your team a lot of stress or distress, a good facilitator or can develop a team building exercise where everybody gets to contribute to that, to that task or to that event or to that struggle that you’re having by simply putting their thoughts and beliefs on a a three by five or poster card or even a sticky note and put it on there and everybody writes with the same type of pen.

Jack Perry: 03:38 So you can’t build it into the eight who put what up on the wall and you can even have it where somebody writes in the same handwriting all the time. Or you can do it through electronic means, but it contributes to the success of the suggestions for that common task or goal you’re trying to accomplish. And everybody goes up and puts their, their comments on that board and then you sit back and you as a team or as a group, you sit back and you think, which one of those sticky notes or five by seven cards that you put up there as a suggestion to solve a problem or an issue, which one of them as a group, you all decide which one is reasonable, which one is feasible, which one is something that you all think you got? You have all the resource in the town to accomplish and you sit there and you do, you go from 10 down to five maybe down to three top ones and you decide which, which avenue you’re going to go down with those last three, and that’s a great team building exercise and we’re a good coach or facilitator comes in, is that you have rules where everybody lets everybody else participate and everybody else has a chance to speak.

Jack Perry: 04:49 Nobody speaks over Every other person and nobody poo-poos on anybody else’s ideas or suggestions. And we, we always honor the other person’s opinion and the other person’s beliefs on how they view and see the problem. And we always do it with clarification. You always want to clarify what you’re hearing from the other person. So team building and when you hear that doesn’t have to be an anxious moment for an employee or for a CEO or a CEO of a company team building to be something as simple as a, um, as a solving problem process that’s facilitated by a coach. Or it could be something as, as large and engaging as an organizational day where you um, you bring in a company or a team that comes in and sets up events, sets up challenges for each group, sets up challenges for the sales people, sets up challenges for the operations people, sets up a challenge for your hourly workers and so forth and, or even something like a picnic and, and where everybody gets to spend half a day or a day on a challenge.

Jack Perry: 06:05 Um, a scavenger hunt, is a fun way to build exercise. You get people from different departments working together for a common goal of finding out, um, or finding those, those scavenger of topics that they’re supposed to be finding. And where I live down here and just south of Atlanta, Georgia, uh, we have a lot of uh, golf carts. We have more golf carts per capita than any other place and I believe in the world. And sometimes we have scavenger hunts, um, on golf carts through a golf cart tracks and what a blast. And you mix and match your teams, your hourlies, your salary and workers. Uh, you’re, um, maybe got drivers, maybe you got delivery people, maybe you got logistics people, or you got sales people and we got operations people. But you mix and match them all up together and you help each person understand how another person operates and thinks and you get to discover new things about each other that you didn’t know before.

Jack Perry: 07:01 Instead of just seeing people as an email or a text message, you actually see a person and you get to understand who that person is and what they look like. Okay. That’s what great team building exercises do. You don’t have to be, you don’t have to have something as grandiose as an organizational day, but you can have something as simple as the facilitated, directed, um, solve a problem solving process, which is facilitated by a certified facilitator or a coach. Okay. Listen, thank you for taking your time out of your schedule to listen to me today. This is Jack Perry with source point coaching. If you’re looking for a great coach to help you with your team and get ahead and to get past any type of obstacles or challenges you’re having that you just can’t see your way through on your own, give me a call or you can reach me at jackperry@sourcepointcoaching.com and visit my website sourcepointcoaching.com for some great team building tools on there as well. Okay. Thank you very much and I look forward to talking to you and hearing from you and looking forward to getting my next podcast done for you. Okay. All right. Take care and have a wonderful, wonderful day.

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