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Corporate Training: Why your team needs it

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It’s not uncommon to have a team that struggles in the workplace. But, as a leader, how you face these obstacles in a positive light is the key to fixing the problem. Rather than feeling anger at poor employee engagement, poor habitual behaviors, or lack of employee satisfaction in the workplace, as leadership, you should start to look at practical solutions to these obstacles. Developing employees through coaching is exponentially more beneficial in the long run than poor performance reviews and meetings rife with displeasure and scolding. Coaching shows employees that they are valued not only for their skill in the workplace, but that they are also valued as human beings.

Employees aren’t satisfied

Over seventy percent of employees are disgruntled with or hate their current jobs. Usually, these dissatisfied employees stay with their company only because they feel they have no other choice. Employee dissatisfaction such as this isn’t only an economic loss. When employees are weighed down by limiting beliefs and false motivation, there is an astronomical loss of talent along with proprietary information. When organizations set aside a portion of their budget to professional development, they send a message that they invest in their employees. Professional development gives employees extensive opportunities for personal development and greater prospects for career advancement. The Society for Human Resource Management calculated in a 2015 survey that forty percent of employees rated professional development aspects as very important to job satisfaction.

Employees don’t have purpose

If your employees are weighted down by thoughts such as “my work doesn’t matter” or “this is pointless,” there is little room for growth. Furthermore, with this negative outlook, there is little desire to grow in the first place. Such negative thoughts from a single individual can affect overall performance for a team when projects are slowed down. Negativity can spread like a virus among your team, going from person to person in a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. If your employees believe that there is no point to their work, they will fail to find it should they look for it. However, there is a solution to such negative thinking, one that can be brought about through corporate training with the right corporate coach.

Employees don’t have the right mindset

Developing your mindset, as well as that of your employees, is the hidden secret. This is where corporate training can provide your workplace with just the boost it needs to break free from mediocrity and guide leadership and employees to develop new, positive behaviors and goals for corporate success. According to the American Psychological Association, investment in employee growth and development can improve the quality of the employee work experience, from which companies can prosper by benefiting from developing workers to their full potential.

What corporate training can do

Corporate training can provide an opportunity for employees to take a look in the mirror. It helps to create an open and accepting environment in which it is safe to assess oneself and one’s habits, and it also provides employees with an open and engaging dialogue on how to improve. Forbes magazine encourages leadership to start turning from backward-looking performance reviews toward forward-focused performance development. Doing so increases employee engagement, and the investment in coaching is one of the most important investments a corporation can make.

Choose your coach wisely

But when choosing a coach for your team, be careful of their credentials and their testimonies. Make sure that you hire an effective coach to conduct your corporate training, one who is certified and capable of providing the insight that your team needs. This is because, in reality, only fourteen percent (14%) of corporate training actually works and improves long-term effectiveness in a company or corporation. What this successful fourteen percent does differently is focus on the mindset of the individuals and of the team as the foundation for improvement in the corporate realm. Only when employees have a productive mindset can they focus on improving the company through their work. It is essential to look for a coach who can bring about success, one who will address the underlying negative mindset that has been dragging your team down. Perhaps your employees don’t even realize that their outlook is causing them to fall behind and indulge in poor habits.

The impact of coaching on employee well-being study

A study conducted by Hicks, Carter, and Sinclair in the United Kingdom, titled “Impact of Coaching on Employee Well-being, Engagement and Job Satisfaction,” drew several key conclusions from their research base of coached employees. Namely:

  1. Employee perceptions of their well-being at work and in general rose significantly following coaching sessions
  2. Coaching increases overall well-being scores
  3. Coachees ability to relax, think clearly, and feel useful shows marked improvement
  4. Coaching allows employees to improve their ability to deal with problems well, cope with unexpected situations, and to feel closer to other employees in the workplace
  5. Coaching resulted in a rise in overall perceptions of employee engagement

A few responses provided in surveys of this same study highlight the positive effect coaching had on the overall workplace experience. To quote the aforementioned study, coaching:

  • Made [an employee] feel better equipped to handle whatever comes [their] way. 
  • Made [an employee] more aware that if [they are] in trouble then [they] can usually think of a solution. 
  • Made [an employee] more aware that [they] could solve difficult problems if [they] tried hard enough.

How to hire a coach

To hire a coach, to bring them in and give your employees the coaching they desire, is to say “never stop believing in yourself, because this company hasn’t stopped believing in you.” A little bit of humor, some interpersonal engagement, and a lot of encouragement goes a long way to boost morale not only on the day of the coaching session but also in the long term. By providing employees with the skills they need to succeed, leadership can nourish those high achievers, boost their dissatisfied employees, and create an environment in which growth and prosperity are encouraged both in the corporate realm and also within their employees’ personal lives. 

Any team, no matter how functional, can benefit from corporate training. A corporate coach can shine light on problems that the team isn’t aware even exist, and they can be taught how to solve these problems both as individuals and as a unit. Bringing in a coach isn’t the same as telling your employees that they are sub-par. By bringing in a coach, you are sending a message to your employees that they are a valuable asset that the company, and you, wish to keep well-oiled and working at their peak level of performance. You will most likely see an increase in employee satisfaction with their jobs and with the company after engaging them in corporate training. 

For a free consultation, contact us or schedule one online to see if working together is right for you and your team.

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