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Become a legendary leader by seeing the humanity in others

2019-08-21T07:46:00-04:00 By |Blog|

Life changes drastically when we start to see the humanity in others. This requires adopting an outward mindset and looking past ourselves, past our own wants, needs, and biases. By doing so, you are then able to actively engage with others in a way that, perhaps, you never thought possible. You might ask yourself where [...]

How good leaders enhance relationships in the workplace

2019-08-11T12:03:21-04:00 By |Blog|

To be a good leader, you must build a good relationship with your employees to have a certain level of mutual respect and two-way communication that is often necessary to perform optimally.  In the workplace, many leaders really miss out on building good relationships with their employees. Managers often get nervous near the personal/professional line [...]

New office rule: No jerks allowed

2019-07-31T07:53:34-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

If you want to build your team and make them successful, you must implement this new office rule: no jerks allowed. Many jerks in the workplace get away with their behavior when they are high-performers on the team. Their performance gives them the ability to take advantage of their managers and their peers and it [...]

Why an accountability coach is a game changer

2019-07-24T07:31:38-04:00 By |Blog|

Accountability coaching can be instrumental in changing the way that you’ve been approaching your goals in the workplace and your life. Having someone there to hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do, whether for someone else or yourself, ties you to your word and creates an environment in which you are [...]

Podcast: Stand out to your boss with a contribution statement

2019-07-28T18:32:19-04:00 By |Blog|

Standing out as an employee can be difficult when you’re surrounded by such talent. To build your career and move forward, you must stand out and show how you are different. Your performance has to be stellar and you have to make sure your boss knows it.  Creating a contribution statement is something that isn’t [...]

How to create a personal development plan

2019-07-21T14:20:00-04:00 By |Blog, Podcast|

Without a plan, your growth will be small, unfocused and possibly not even existent. There’s no secret that having a plan greatly increases your chances of success. When it comes to your personal development, it’s so different.  For people who are striving to better themselves, but it seems nothing is getting them there, this could [...]

Productivity tips: How to manage your time better

2019-06-27T07:33:14-04:00 By |Blog|

Everyone can benefit from becoming more productive in the workplace. Higher productivity leads to higher quality of work, and higher quality of work makes employees and leadership both look good. But the ways in which to maximize productivity can be a little tricky. Outlined here are several tactics that can be used to make your [...]

Podcast: How team building helps performance in the office

2019-07-17T08:01:11-04:00 By |Podcast|

Team building is something many people get frustrated with. It can be tough when it requires the most people skills. While people skills might not be something everyone has, bringing people together can actually be easier than you think when you are given the proper tools. A team that works together can accomplish so much [...]

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