Why an accountability coach is a game changer

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Why an accountability coach is a game changer

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Accountability coaching can be instrumental in changing the way that you’ve been approaching your goals in the workplace and your life. Having someone there to hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do, whether for someone else or yourself, ties you to your word and creates an environment in which you are held responsible for what it is that you put out into the world. A coach’s job is to hold the coachee accountable for each step that they intend to make along with their roadmap to success.

Why you would need an accountability coach

You might be asking yourself: why do I need a coach? You might be happy where you are, or you might think that you can do it on your own. The answer is simple. Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter if you’re a basketball player looking to improve their game, a young adult who wants to excel at the violin, a dad wants a better relationship with his kids, an executive that wants to become a better more engaging leader, a man who has trouble with being vulnerable, or any number of possible scenarios. Anyone looking to improve talent, develop one, or to learn how to get past old behaviors and habits that hold us back from success, all of us can use a coach in our lives to guide us into attaining what we want out of life.

What an accountability coach does

And that’s exactly what a coach does. They guide. Any effort on the part of the coach isn’t going to work unless the coachee is a willing participant in every step of the journey. This is because coaching is a team effort between the coach and the client. When a client hires a coach, it’s because they need help getting out of old habits and excelling past their limiting beliefs. When a coach takes on a client, it’s because they see the wealth of potential lying just beneath the surface. Neither part can work, let alone succeed, without the engagement of the other.

Coaches give clear guidelines

By discovering and agreeing upon levels of accountability, the coachee is given a clear, meaningful guideline by which to pursue their goals and unlock their highest potential. The focus throughout this process is the result. At the end of this road map is what your world will look like when you get to the end, life beyond the finish line agreed upon by the coach and the client.

However, your coach is not there to be a supportive best friend or a magic crystal ball with all of the answers you seek. They are a non-judgmental third party who will encourage you to look at things differently and to stay on the right track. Your relationship with your coach is, first and foremost, a partnership. For your bond with your coach to be successful, you must be willing to take a critical look at yourself and your life. You must also be willing to do the work, no matter how challenging it might seem. The responsibility for the success of your program lies on your shoulders.

A coach is not a therapist

It is essential to note that an accountability coach is not the same thing as a therapist. While the two may seem similar in the formation of long-term goals and the pursuit of those goals, therapy goes much further into depth when it comes to the client’s personal life. Those looking to employ a coach should not expect the same experience that one would get with a licensed therapist. This isn’t to say that someone can’t employ both coaching and therapy in their personal growth plan. However, those who choose to do so would need a separate therapist from whatever coaching experience they choose to seek out.

Therapists often focus on a client’s past. They look to fix immediate problems and to address mental illness. If you and your coach choose to do so, they can help you incorporate the things you learn in therapy into your long-term plan.

An accountability coach focuses on the present and the future

An accountability coach do not counsel or analyze the past. Coaches focus on the present and the future, on what you want to achieve as you move forward in life. Coaching is centered on the idea that the client is capable of determining and achieving their goals.

If you are experiencing mental health problems, it is important to consult a mental health professional.

What to look for in an accountability coach

When looking to hire an accountability coach, be sure to employ one who is sanctioned and certified. Make sure that you always ask for credentials and schooling certificates. Look for a coach who is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). In the words of the ICF itself, “ICF Credential-holders are part of a self-regulating group of elite coaches who provide accountability to clients and the coaching profession as a whole. They pursue and complete rigorous education and practice requirements that provide unquestioned legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching.”

Your relationship with your coach should be based on trust. Your coach should hold you accountable for the plan you have developed together, and you should constantly be challenged to become the individual you desire to be. They should ask you questions and help you find the answers you seek on your own. Your coach is in your corner to support you and to hold you accountable.

Committing to an accountability coach

By hiring an accountability coach, you are taking the first step on your path to success. You are admitting that, at this point, you might need a little help in being the best person that you can be. There’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, being vulnerable can be incredibly difficult for most individuals, but your coach is not here to judge you or look down on you. They’re here to offer you a helping hand, to lift you and show you what you can achieve with just a little bit of help. Through continued sessions and engagement, you will learn how to hold yourself accountable and to create an environment for yourself in which you will prosper.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to become accountable for what it is that you do in your daily life and what you put out into the world, hiring an accountability coach is right for you. Be open to new ideas, be determined, and get ready to implement positive changes in your personal, professional, and family life. You’ve taken the first step to become the best you can be. Now, pick up the phone or open up your email to get in touch with a (properly certified) coach to begin your journey.

Hiring an accountability coach

If you don’t know of an accountability coach that is certified and you trust, SourcePoint Coaching can help. You can schedule a free consultation to see if we are a right fit to work together. If we decide not to work together, I am confident I can point you in the right direction and you can benefit from my resources.

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