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Meet Jack Perry

Jack Perry, Jr. is a certified and professionally trained Executive Leadership Coach, sanctioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Earning his MBA from Regis University, Jack has more than 25 years of experience mentoring leaders, executives, groups and individuals.

Jack founded Source Point Coaching out of a passion to lift others out of unhealthy patterns existing in their personal lives and professional careers, aiding them into a healthier and more fulfilling existence. Jack does this by working closely with his clients to help inspire them by creating a professional and personal vision for themselves and associates. His goal is for them to stay focused on their inner strength and realize their own passions and desires in life.

Jack’s clients have included the CDC, Coca-Cola, Veterans Administration, General Motors, Leadec, Sysco and more.

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What others are saying about Jack

“Source Point Coaching helped me to see some behaviors and thought patterns that were having a counterproductive effect on my ability to succeed. After taking the Energy Leadership™ Index, I saw that I was not operating at the energy level where I would be most effective to enact positive change. Working with a certified coach is helping me to focus on both my personal and professional growth, establish goals and priorities, be accountable for the milestones I’ve set, and develop the skills to lead others more effectively.”  ~Ed P.

“The innocent face that is on the cover “The Other Side of Anger” shows that we never know what one goes through or has gone through life. This book tells of a boys tragic life that turns into a man with a mission in life to help others by facing his demons & leaving a legacy of love & hope & encouragement. We all have our demons in life, but have we come to terms with them face on. This book encourages us to look into our own life & face our demons & to make a difference in todays world. Jack has openly shared his demons that most would have kept hidden with the whole world so that he could helps others. He has taken his unhappy childhood & God has given him a gift & mission in life to dedicate his life to a cause that is now dear to his heart. The gift of sharing his knowledge of “ANGER” issues in todays world & society. With so much hate & anger in todays world, we all need to help out by sharing his words of hope that one can change for the better. Jack, thank you for yours worlds of hope, encouragement, forgiveness & love. God Bless You & your work.”  ~Katherine Bovard

“Jack Perry I want to say thank you again for touching so many hearts and minds with your message at Ft. Benning and the great Soldiers of the 5th Ranger Training Battalion in Dahlonega. It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for all that you do for our Soldiers and families.”  ~Oskar Schlomer B

“When we experience significant times of transition in our lives we sometimes feel stuck. A wise man once said ‘The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg.’ With skill and a kind of exquisite grace Jack Perry encourages individuals to search inside themselves to find their passion and strength. He guides and sometimes cajoles people to challenge entrenched thinking and patterns of behavior that prevent them from being who they are really meant to be in life. Jack has helped me to do just that. I have grown toward an inner peace and strength that has become a foundation for all areas of my life.”  ~Judith B

“I believe your message of self-awareness, self-improvement, home/work balance, self-accountability, and understanding your approach and the approach of others is the key recipe to lifelong or career-long improvement. It is relevant to every market, every position, every service, and everyone.”  ~Heath Barnett, General Manager, Voith Industries

“Jack Perry, Jr. has written a book that openly and bravely discusses what our society,due to fear and shame, is often unwilling or afraid to discuss–Anger and Domestic Violence. In his heartfelt and honest writing style, Mr. Perry escorts his readers behind the violent and tumultuous walls of his boyhood home providing insider’s view of the terror and uncertainty that he faced as a child. As I read, I was deeply moved by the vivid and detailed accounts of personal exchanges between the members of Mr. Perry’s family, where at times the book became so harrowing that I had to momentarily put it aside only to resume reading at a later time. From the beginning pages, however, Mr. Perry’s resilience shines through. Driven to understand his father’s anger led Mr. Perry on a journey of courage, forgiveness, and hope that has shaped him into the successful, caring, and charismatic man that he is today–a moving journey that we have the opportunity to experience and share in through the pages of this book. This book is a must read for anyone who has been touched by anger–the giver, the receiver, or the bystander, in that it provides the language and guidance that is necessary to do honest soul searching, open up the dialogue, begin to address anger (or any other issues that may be holding you back), and make meaningful and lasting changes that impact your life, the lives of those you love, and even the lives of those you happen to encounter. Finally, and importantly, Mr. Perry challenges and provides you with the tools to create your own Life Legacy in order to live an authentic and triumphant life that enables you to be your best, as well as to help others along the way.”  ~Kimberley Maple

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