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Personal Self-Discovery


This workshop is designed to dig deep into the art of knowing who you are and what makes you unique. Only you can tell your story through your actions, words and spirit. You will learn how to define your own path and stop following the negative patterns and habits of others. This is a very interactive and engaging workshop, which will help you drop the tendency to go with the flow and start a habit of charting your own path in life. Participants will leave with powerful tools which they will be able to put into practice to bring about immediate personal change.

Effective Leadership


This is not your average “teaching in a box” program as sold by many other companies. We get down and dirty, exploring what it means to move a group and individuals towards a shared and inspiring goal. We will get to the heart of instrumental and influential leadership. Whether it be with a team at work, your softball team, or your spouse, we will learn the vital tools that will help you get out of the victim-conflict thought process that holds so many of us back. This program is scalable and appropriate for youth, millennials and corporate structures.

Bad Comfort Zones

(Workshop/ Seminar/Keynote)

All too often we get stuck in a rut and sit on the sidelines of life while others pass us by. We miss those high energy, motivational moments that show us that we are alive and getting the most out of life. Growth and positive risks only happens when you get out of your comfort zone. This workshop is dedicated to the bad comfort zones that prevent us from fulfilling our greatest potentials. Here you will learn what it means to be prevented by these zones and will also be given the tools on how to stop skipping through life, waiting for things to happen, but rather how to make the positive changes that will get you to where you want to be.

Developing Global Citizens

(Seminar/ Keynote)

Get off the couch, read a book, take a trip, and genuinely be curious about what lies over the next horizon. Stop watching the news and being engulfed in ,and rather make a change for the good of humanity and rock the world. Shake hands with someone you don’t know and be interested in other cultures, people, habits and traditions. In this workshop you will learn how to be better global citizens of the world. You will learn the importance of knowing others and how that can contribute to an overall sense of happiness and removal of fear. Removing fear means removing anger, and removing anger opens the doors for peace. Never stop learning.

Developing Your Core

(Very interactive workshop)

This workshop touches you at your spiritual, social, emotional, and physical levels. We hit all cylinders with exercises, homework, and processes of self-discovery.  This workshop will introduce you to various body movements that will enhance your concentration, physical fitness and meditation, among others. This is a jam packed workshop with lots of hands-on tools and real-world examples that will leave you breathless. The physical portion will be facilitated by a certified physical fitness trainer who will show you how to get up and move, how to master your workspace and much more. A liability release will be required for the physical activity portions of the program.