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Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired and wondered why you keep getting the same results over and over again? This will naturally lead you to ask yourself, “So what am I doing wrong?”

When a habit, relationship or weight becomes such an emotional burden, spiking thoughts often flash through our minds saying, “This can be different,” “How much more pain do I have to endure?” or “Is this all there is to my existence?” We go through a process of change that is commonly called transformation, which may be an overly used term in some circles but nonetheless it is what it is. I like to define transformation as a transition point in your life in which you decide to remove the sharp pain or pains that have been haunting you for sometimes years.

Have you ever sat back and wondered, “Why am I so frustrated with my life?” and “Why do I keep attracting the same people, situations and behaviors into my life?” Have you ever wanted to make a major change in your life, whether it be related to a job, relationship, or financial one? Or perhaps you wanted to stop a habit that is not serving your heart or your spirit. If you find yourself answering “Yes” to these questions, then it might be time for a change. This is nothing to be ashamed about. It is perfectly legal, reasonable and acceptable to come about change at anytime, and at any age, so why not go for it?

What Holds Us Back?

Fear. You don’t want to change because you are afraid, and you make excuses, rather than develop a plan for success. Like so many of us, the fear can often come from many places and many sources, but the main thing that stops you from taking the first step is YOU, your own mind and your own limiting thoughts and beliefs that may not be serving you well. You may have an assumption that you will fail because of an attempted past experience that didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. So every time you think about change, your body and mind automatically tell you that it won’t work out this time around either. Thus, it becomes a made-up reality that you accept and don’t steer away from. All because of fear.

Interpretation. We often interpret situations based on a false belief that someone has implanted in our minds that we have accepted as real, even though it may be far from the truth. You end up only buying into someone else’s madness, and of course, you stay stuck. The best examples of how interpretation can affect you are through outlets like the news, rumors, cultural beliefs and even the weekly gossip at work.

How to Move Forward

Ever had the little voice in the back of you head that says “You wont be able to do that?” or “Don’t be ridiculous you can’t lose those 20 pounds?” or my favorite, “What will people say about me? Oh no.” That little voice is what I call the little gremlin that you and I carry around with us that can often deepen our perceptions of the world, yet can also be debilitating and support our worst fears at the same time. That voice will not go away until we challenge and deal with it head on.

The limiting belief that the badge of garbage someone else gave you years ago is true is not only debilitating, it’s detrimental to your overall happiness. That limiting belief scenario usually sounds a little like this: “You won’t be able to go to college, you’re not smart enough,” or “Nobody has ever done that before so you’re crazy for trying,” or even “Men don’t cry.” Limiting beliefs are why we fight, limiting beliefs are why we rebel in society, and limiting beliefs are why we go to war, divorce and die angry. We have accepted somebody else’s crap about us and so we believe it is true. We then end up carrying it around to adulthood and spew its venom upon other people, races, ethnic groups, cultures, kids, groups and society.

Until you challenge a limiting belief, that someone else has given you or one you have given yourself, you will remain stuck. And the crazy thing about it is, that the person that once gave you that limiting belief is probably no longer alive or has no inherent influence on you today. So, let’s all make the effort to let go of the past and to let go of the people who have debilitated us and our abilities for so long. Let us move forward and have the strength and courage to transform our lives into something positive and worth fighting for.