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“I will persist until I succeed.”

This is one of the most valuable quotes from Og Mandino’s book, “The Greatest Salesman in The World.” If you haven’t read it and are in the sales business, go pick up a copy right now. Since 1968, it has basically been the go-to book for men and women in the sales industry.

One of the biggest parts of selling is overcoming fear. The fear that you won’t explain the product right to your buyers, the fear that you won’t connect with them, or the fear that you won’t close the deal. It’s an endless amount of fear and self-doubt, if you let it get to you. The fact of the matter is that, in sales, you must be fearless. Embrace the ballsy, badass side of yourself to make it work for you in everything you do. This even goes beyond your sales job, into all other aspects of your life. Tackle them without fear as much as possible. By eliminating the fear, you are giving yourself one of the greatest gifts ever. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but there are some ways to make this a reality for you. Putting them into practice in your life takes a conscious effort.

But here are some ways to inspire yourself to get in the fight of life with the right drive and determination to succeed in sales.

Don’t Fear The Future

Never stop growing in your field. You can’t be successful if you are constantly afraid of the future. Fear is the stumbling block to achievement. You should embrace your ultimate destiny for success with your whole heart and spirit. Keep in mind that fear of the unknown is normal. It’s a natural part of life to be apprehensive about the unexpected. The difference is that you don’t have to let that fear control you because it’s up to you to forge ahead through the unease. Look at uncertainty in the face and say to yourself, “bring it on.” You can handle whatever comes your way. You’re prepared, educated, and intelligent. You just have to believe you can conquer what life and your job throws at you in all situations.

Even though you may not know what lies ahead at all times, it’s encouraging to know that you can get through anything with grace. Here is a little tip to get through any situation that you feel uneasy about. Allow yourself to revel in the doubt or fear for a full minute. Come up with all the worst case scenarios and write them down quickly on a piece of paper. Then after that minute is up, crumple up the paper and throw it directly into the trash with a flourish. It’s gone now. You’ve let it go.

Look at it this way, you’ve physically and mentally conquered that fear. By throwing it away, you’re putting those doubts behind you so that you can effectively move ahead. It’s one of the best ways to shake off fear, by embracing it momentarily and then quickly moving on. Considering the worst-case scenarios for a time can allow you to compartmentalize the fear in order to deal with it better.

If you find that anxiety and fear are getting to you again, repeat the exercise. Write it all down again and throw it out. It helps to do this every now and again when you feel overwhelmed by a situation that is causing fear. Don’t fear the future. Instead, you should rise above it for success. Keep this exercise in your back pocket to bring out when fear is creeping in on you.

Take Risks For Big Rewards

If you play it small in every situation, what you get in return is going to be miniscule. That’s why it’s important in sales to take risks for big rewards. It’s natural that the bigger return on your investment in anything is going to be exponentially tied to your effort. When you go “all in” to your business dealings, it’s going to show that you are passionate about what you do. Having that drive and passion about succeeding on a larger scale is going to make bigger things possible.

Look at this from a sports perspective. The Major-League baseball team, the Chicago Cubs had, up until last year, gone a whopping 108 years without a championship. That’s a lot of lost opportunities and straight up failures each year to bring a championship World Series home to their beloved fans. That was until last year, when they won the 2016 World Series. They took a big risk in pushing aside their collective losing history to come out champs finally. They had to “go all in” to achieve the biggest reward in baseball, without being unsure. So, when you think about winning, be like the Cubs. Take the big risks, for even bigger outcomes in your favor, just like they did.

Own Every Situation

Look at the meaning of “ownership.” What does that mean? When you look at the strict definition it means, “The act of possessing something.” The right of possession. Apply this to every situation you encounter, especially in your field. Own every situation. This links to having the confidence to position yourself as a winner. Think of yourself as successful and you’ll be there.
By owning every situation, you are going to have that inherent confidence to make huge strides in whatever you do.

As Alec Baldwin said in the sales based movie, “Glengarry Glen Ross” these are the ABC’s of sales: Always. Be. Closing. Always be closing is the way to getting the end game to come out in your favor.

Look To Those Who Know

Mentors and people who have been at the top of their fields are great to look towards for inspiration. As the great Zig Ziglar, a prominent motivational speaker, once said, “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” One of the most important parts of that sentiment is “prepare to win.” When you take the advice and knowledge of people more experienced than you, you are provided with the base to succeed and prepared for the tasks ahead. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and guidance from those who know the industry you’re in best. They are going to be glad to help guide you on your own path to achievement.

Having a mentor who is always there with a helping hand will allow you to be responsive to new ideas and stepping stones that will improve your skills. Always be on the lookout for ways to glean knowledge that can make you a better salesperson.

Never Give Up

This may sound trite, but it’s all about persistence in sales. Being the person who doesn’t take no for an answer is one of the underlying theories of doing well in this field. Once again, going back to the author of “The Greatest Salesman In The World,” Og Mandino said “Every man and woman must sell himself to himself first before you can do anything.” You don’t have to literally sell yourself, but in sales the people who do well are the ones who market themselves, as well as the service or product they are selling.

So, it truly is all about every aspect of you when it comes to getting your point across and nailing down the end result…that sometimes elusive sale. By never giving up, you are going to make that sale your own, because it’s all about who you are and what you do right. Sales is about never being afraid to do your best throughout any circumstance that comes your way. It may be one team and one climb at your Fortune 100 company, but if every part of that foundation is solid, it’s going to add up to a staggering amount of achievement. Do your part by never giving into the fear and being someone everyone can look at with admiration.

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