New Year, New possibilities in Leadership

/New Year, New possibilities in Leadership

What would your life actually look like if you changed the habits that you knew were getting in the way of your success? There’s an easy way to find out, if you are willing to indulge in a small experiment.

If you drink coffee every day to get yourself started, quit cold turkey for a week and see how you feel. In its place, try brushing your teeth. The catch? Brush them with your other hand. I hypothesize that the jolt into your system will give you the same effect as the darkest, strongest roast from the best trees in South America.

What is the point of this exercise (keeping in mind that if you can anticipate the answer to this question that you should still perform the exercise)? Too often, we limit ourselves by imposing routines that eventually become bloated. Who said you had to have coffee to wake you up in the morning? Letting go of that limiting belief creates the potential for more positive changes.
Coffee stained teeth make us invest in tooth whitening treatments, which ultimately makes our teeth weaker over time. If you stop drinking coffee, you may save on dental appointments!
What other bloated routines can you change that are holding you back? Are you overlooking simple solutions that you can use today?

You don’t have to believe the little negative voices in your head.

We all have a bias towards fear. Given full reign and total freedom, your mind will eat you into a “conscious coma” of fear as it replays all your mistakes in 4K 5D surround sound, creating mountains out of molehills in the name of protecting itself. We may try to attack this fear through an equally fearful solution, inactivity, instead of viewing it as an opportunity for change.
Your mind is actually telling you of the one avenue to avoid rather than informing you of the only avenue available. This may feel like brushing with the wrong hand at first. However, after a while, it will begin to make sense.

You don’t have to buy into the negative talk of others.

You should actually be happy that you have the ability to be changed by the negativity of others. This means you have the same opportunity to change them with your thought process! Too often, we relinquish the incredible position of change onto
others, refusing to acknowledge that you are change as well. If you must repeat the mantra “brushing your teeth with the wrong hand” every morning, do it until it becomes your personal mission statement (your internal voice of change).

You do not have to accept limiting personal and professional beliefs especially if they are somebody else’s crap that they had inflicted upon themself. You can and should create your own.

Understand the limits of your influence…

… but under no circumstances allow your influence to wane within its limitations. Thinking big does not necessarily mean thinking expansively. You can create a great deal of wealth within a very small expertise – just ask Warren Buffett. While everyone else went broke chasing tech stocks, he built the biggest portfolio of them all by brushing his teeth with the wrong hand and sticking to his core competencies.

Tell your older self to tell your younger self to try new things.

I have control over my life. I know my ‘WHY.’ These are things that your present self might tell your younger self. So why don’t you imagine your future self – an older self – telling your present self the same thing? (Isn’t having a 5D imagination grand?) If you are in a rut, expand on the idea of brushing your teeth with the wrong hand. Travel. Start a new relationship. Get a new hobby. Stop doing the same old crap repeatedly. You know it’s happening to you so stop it. And as you tell yourself to stop it, just wait for the little past gremlins starting to creep into your head “no you can’t,” you’ll never do that,” “nobody in our family did this” and then politely and softly tell it to “go away.”

As your lifestyle becomes more exciting because of small changes you control and make, your professional life will naturally follow. Your positivity will engage people, perhaps slowly at first, but remember – they may still be drinking coffee in the morning. Give your new philosophy a chance to work, and it most certainly will! Yes, I do guarantee it!

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